Lleshaj remarks to the Skrapar Police Station for the fight against cannabis: There were implicated staff

Lleshaj remarks to the Skrapar Police Station for the fight against cannabis:

Today, the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, held a meeting with the leading structures of the Berat Local Police Directorate and the Commissariats of this directorate. Immediately after the meeting, in a statement to the media, Lleshaj emphasized the fight against cannabis, for which Lleshaj criticized the Skrapar Police Station.

During his speech, the Minister said that the cases hit in this area were made by the State Police and not by that of Skrapar, while adding that in this police station there were implicated people of different levels.

"We are in Berat to conduct an analysis regarding the measures taken to combat the cannabis cultivation phenomenon in this region. There has been great commitment, although we have had an added problem in the Skrapar area where there have been some cultivation cases which have been identified and hit by the state police structures themselves, but not by the Skrapar structures. However, it is important to clarify that the war has been intense and the results are encouraging.

In general, the region of Berat is a region with positive indicators and we know how to appreciate this, but I said that we had remarks about Skrapar but that it will find the right address so that such phenomena will never be repeated in the future. they do neither good nor honor ", said Lleshaj.

Were there any implicated in Skrapar?

Lleshaj: Yes, there have been at different levels, from the level of non-performance of duty or its abuse to further.