Towers without controllers! All flights to Rinas are canceled today

Towers without controllers! All flights to Rinas are canceled today

The protest of the control employees of AlbControl at Rinas Airport has caused all the flights of today, as well as the landings and take-offs of the planes to be blocked. This block will be in effect until the next day, at 10:00.

The news was announced by the International Flight Authority. The blockade comes after the failure of the agreement between Minister Belinda Balluku and the employees who today left the towers empty. Employees seek to receive wages set before the pandemic as well as a range of other claims.

- Return of colleagues to work who are allegedly unfairly removed;
- Repeal of board decisions;
- Return of full salary according to the collective agreement;
- Full financial transparency for 2020;
- A union member to be a board member.

Last year the AlbControl board cut salaries by 62% for 65 controllers.

It is also reported that even at overpasses there will be no employees to announce whether the sky is free for aircraft or not.

This is the first time that AlbControl controllers have come out in protest. They have also signed a statement saying that they are not able to work if their conditions are not met, also mentioning the constant stress they have experienced, also affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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