Mayor visits rebuilt houses in Baldushk: This is 100 days of hope for vaccine and reconstruction

Mayor visits rebuilt houses in Baldushk: This is 100 days of hope for vaccine

Since the rehabilitation of the Tirana River, the citizens of Units 4, 8, 9 and 11 have escaped from the floods after every rain. From the village of Mumajes in Baldushk, where he visited the families of Hamid and Genc Allmuca, who have entered the newly built apartments after the earthquake, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, recalled what happened to the river bank area a few years ago first, how many times it rained, and why today that area is no longer flooded, after investing in the Tirana River.

5 years ago, when Tirana was owned by those who today make gam-gam from Lalzi Bay, the River Bank and Units 4, 8, 9 and 11. The water came to "Siri Kodra" in Lapraka, while Tirana held young. It is very easy to shash, but it is more difficult to build, clean, help people, move them to areas that are not flooded, even compensate for the floods that occurred in the time of those of Lalzi. But the important thing is that we must not forget where we have been and where we are today. In these 100 days, my message is this: with love and hope we will defeat those who divide with fear and anger. We can not stop nature, but we can stop sleep, laziness and indifference ", said Veliaj.

Mayor visits rebuilt houses in Baldushk: This is 100 days of hope for vaccine

The mayor added that until April 25 the battle takes place between those who provide solutions and those who sleep.

"It's a battle between a philosophy that says where there is a challenge we have to find a solution - like the prime minister who found a solution with the first vaccines, or when the earthquake hit, raised the state to its feet - and the philosophy of sleep, of the one who left no trace Tirana, did not build a school and did not drive a nail. "The big confrontation is between the team of hope and the team of fear," he said.

Veliaj stated that this is the 100th day of hope for the vaccine and reconstruction.

"Hope wins over fear, passion wins over anger, love wins over hatred! "This 100 days will be really 100 days of hope for the vaccine, to build earthquake houses, of hope to be rebuilt," he said.

SP MP, Xhemal Qefalia said that an extraordinary work is being done for the reconstruction.

"Work is being done every day, people are moving into new homes and this is good news. "They know very well who works and who speaks and speaks sleep," he declared.

In addition to the families of Hamid and Genc Allmuca, other families will soon move into new housing. Currently, Baldushku has returned to the construction site for the reconstruction of new homes, as well as for the reconstruction of those damaged by the earthquake.