Rinas concession, Balluku responds to Presidency accusations: It is not an international agreement

Rinas concession, Balluku responds to Presidency accusations: It is not an

The Assembly is expected to approve the draft law on the concession agreement of Rinas Airport. President Meta returned the draft law to the Assembly, with a series of accusations of illegal procedures and lack of transparency. Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku answered some of the questions that Ilir Meta asked a few weeks ago:

"We have spoken widely on this bill. I would only dwell on a few points, in terms of negotiation deadlines or some other claims coming from the Presidency. It must be said that this is not an international agreement but a concession contract. The Presidency has made claims in terms of time, it should be said that this negotiation started in January 2020 and took longer than normal due to the coronavirus pandemic.The negotiation is done with the joint stock company and not with the shareholder. does not constitute a change of a joint stock company.We sit with the representation of the joint stock company.The benefits are great.Already with this contract, which you must approve today Tirana Airport passes to another stage, as it will be listed in a 4E report just like European countries. "

It is about the transfer of the concession of Rinas airport to the largest group in the country "Kastrati Group" and the extension of the contract with 13 years. President Ilir Meta called the extension of the contract with the concession company of Rinas Airport by 13 years hasty.

The transaction is registered in the National Business Center (NBC) and "Kastrati group" is the 100% shareholder of "Tirana International Airport", which manages the concession of the international airport "Mother Teresa". "Kastrati Group" bought the shares from "Real Fortress Private Limited", owned by the Chinese financial services group "China Everbright", which in April 2016 had not signed the agreement for the purchase of concession rights at Tirana International Airport.

The agreement between "Kastrati Group" and "Real Fortress Private Limited" was signed on December 1, 2020 and registered at the National Business Center on December 18.