32 investigators are required in the Albanian FBI: Criteria to be met and how to apply

32 investigators are required in the Albanian FBI: Criteria to be met and how to

The National Bureau of Investigation has today opened the competition for 32 vacancies in the investigative position. BKH has made public the announcement with the required criteria, one of them is the experience in the fields related to the mission of the National Bureau of Investigation. A candidate may not be appointed as an Investigator of the National Bureau of Investigation without meeting the security requirements and professional skills requirements.

While it is clarified that “BKH investigators have the responsibility to conduct criminal investigations under the direction of Special Prosecutors and have the status of judicial police officer. The BKH investigator selection system is a challenging mental and physical process, prepared to find the most capable and integrity candidates. Those who are successful in the selection process will join an elite team that supports the Prosecutors of the Special Prosecution who will prosecute and investigate criminal offenses in the field of corruption and organized crime, subject to Law No. 95/2016. .

Criteria required:

Completion of BKH online web application, including an electronic curriculum vitae and supporting documents. To complete the Application Form, download it, along with Appendix B, located at LINK 1 ;
Written statement on motivation to become part of the National Bureau of Investigation;
To be an Albanian citizen;
To enjoy high professional and moral qualities;
Have higher police education, in law or accounting / (Economics, Information Technology, etc.), or higher education in other branches related to the mission of the National Bureau of Investigation, from a local or foreign university;
Have more than 1 year of work experience in law enforcement institutions or in another field related to the purpose of the National Bureau of Investigation;
Not to be under investigation or trial for a criminal offense, certified by the prosecution and the court;
Has not held political office in public administration or leadership office in political parties for at least the last ten years and prior to the time of application;
Official certificate certifying assessments of his / her professional skills, ethics and moral integrity;
Has not been and is not an associate, informant or agent of any intelligence service;
In the period 29.11.1944 - 2.7.1991 he was not a member or candidate of the Politburo, a member of the Central Committee of the Albanian Labor Party, a member of the Presidium of the People's Assembly, President of the High Court, General Prosecutor, Chairman of the General Investigation, member of the Council of Ministers, chairman of the branches of internal affairs, employee of the former State Security bodies, collaborator of the former State Security or favored, member of the Central Deportation-Internment Commission, investigator, prosecutor, judge in political trials, denouncer or witness of prosecution in special political trials;
A statement on the absence of conflict of interest, which will state that the candidate is not a party or legal representative in cases that are under investigation by BKH and the Special Prosecution.
Notarized photocopy of school diploma and list of grades;
Photocopy of electronic identity card (identity card);
Photographs of documents 6 × 4, piece 2;
Reference letter from previous or current employer.
The candidate and close family members complete and sign the self-declaration, according to appendix B (statement 2 and statement 3), of law 95/2016, according to which, if assigned or employed, their telecommunications, as well as bank accounts will be subject to surveillance, as well as waive the right to privacy related to these communications, and submit them to the designated structure.
Once you have made sure that you have completed all the information fields of the Application Form properly, sign and scan it.

Formulari i Aplikimit dhe dokumentet e skanuara, që kërkohen, dërgojini në adresën e e – mailit: [email protected]

III. Testimet e përzgjedhjes.

Nëse vlerësohen si kandidatë të mundshëm, aplikantët do t’i nënshtrohen procesit të mëposhtëm të përzgjedhjes ( Testimet e përzgjedhjes, LINK 2, LINK3):

Një provim me shkrim e me gojë, ku përfshihen teste konjitive, të sjelljes dhe të arsyetimit logjik;
Një provim të zgjeruar me shkrim që mat aftësitë e shkrimit të raporteve, si dhe nivelin e shkrimit e leximit;
Një intervistë nga një komision që mat aftësitë e komunikimit verbal, si dhe aftësinë për t’i komunikuar idetë me efiçencë;
Një testim të aftësive fizike që mat forcën dhe rezistencën fizike;
Dhënia e pëlqimit për t’iu nënshtruar testit të poligrafit rreth integritetit të kandidatit. Informacioni në raportin e përgatitur nga specialisti i poligrafit merret në konsideratë gjatë procesit të emërimit.
Kontrolli i verifikimit të pasurisëdhe figurës;
The admitted candidate will undergo a rigorous training and education regime, with a range of assessment modules to be passed before being certified. Once certified as trained and capable, the candidate is considered an investigator.
The National Bureau of Investigation applies the policy of equality in all employment practices. Equality of opportunity is a high priority of the National Bureau of Investigation, it does not discriminate against any candidate illegally, unjustly or unreasonably on the basis of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, nationality or ethnic origin.

Applications should be sent by email to the address [email protected] no later than Tuesday 20.04. 2021.

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