Kavaja will have drinking water 24 hours from summer, work with the water supply starts

Kavaja will have drinking water 24 hours from summer, work with the water supply

In summer, the residents of Kavaja will be supplied with uninterrupted drinking water. After 60 years of lack of investment in water supply, work has begun on the construction of a new water supply system, which in addition to the city will also supply water to the tourist area, giving a new impetus to the economy.

During the inspection of the works, the political leader of the Socialist Party for the Tirana region, Erion Verliaj, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Etien Xhafaj and the Mayor of Kavaja, Redjan Krali, said that this is an extraordinary day for the city and the inhabitants of Kavaja.

Veliaj underlined that thanks to the support of Edi Rama as Prime Minister, works can be done that have not been done in the last 60 years.

"It is an extraordinary day for Kavaja, such as the day when we expanded Bovilla and brought the new water supply line, which directly supplied some neighborhoods of Tirana. "Thanks to the support that the government of Edi Rama has given us in Tirana, Redit in Kavaja, and other municipalities, today we can do works that have not been done in the last 50-60 years, but in the meantime the reality has changed on the ground," he said. Veliaj.

He stressed that the SP is the only force that, despite the mud of the opposition, stands by its promises to the end.

"Even though it is cold today, the construction site is boiling from work. I believe it will be the first summer when Kavaja, not only will be supplied with 24 hours of water, but the same supply will be received by the beach area. It will be the first time tourists will not face the water problem. "If we make a balance of what is the force that stands by things until the end, that has the patience to listen to both the mud and the attacks, to stick to the plan and promises, it is only the Socialist Party and Edi Rama", underlined Veliaj.

He added that mayors, regardless of the size of the city, have found in the government all the support to implement major projects. The Mayor of Kavaja, Redjan Krali said that currently the works have gone to 60% and the summer will find the city and the tourist area with water 24 hours a day.

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