Elbasan Incinerator / Rama: Armand Shkullaku not only lied face to face, but continued with his propaganda echoing Basha's slanders

Elbasan Incinerator / Rama: Armand Shkullaku not only lied face to face, but

Contracts with incinerators have been one of the topics of clashes between Prime Minister Rama, the leader of the Democratic Party Basha, but also the journalists he faced on the show "Opinion". With a video published on Facebook, Rama addresses Armand Shkullaku that according to him he lied in the show, saying that he knew that the incinerator of Elbasan produced energy because years ago, the journalist himself made a documentary about the production of energy from garbage. Elbasan.

According to Rama, Shkullaku consciously placed himself at the 'top of the war' on the show, telling half-truths and big lies, echoing Lulzim Basha's slanders about incinerators.

"Shkullaku not only did not apologize for the continuous disinformation of the public regarding the Elbasan plant as he initially promised, but I continue the negative propaganda face to face", said among other things the Prime Minister.


The day before yesterday at Fevziu, Armand Shkullaku was at the head of the panel fight armed with half-truths (which are also the biggest lies), to echo the slanderous attack of Lulëzim on modern waste processing plants in Tirana, Elbasan of Fier or as Luli calls them, with that contemptuous arrogance of sleep when he pretends to have no sleep, the "incinerators".

The analyst managed to deny face to face both his own words and the material evidence itself, which refuted in the eyes of everyone the screaming lie that no power has ever been produced in the Elbasan plant! But the complete truth about this episode, where the analyst was persistently put in the service of Luli, is that Shkullaku not only did not lie out of ignorance, but he himself, in the capacity of TV KLAN production director, has also made a pretty movie for the incinerator and for the production of energy from garbage in Elbasan a few years ago!

I do not know if the film in question was made and shown for a fee or was simply the enthusiasm for the great positive impact on the environment of the incinerator of Elbasan, but the material which you can find in full on youtube youtu.be/_nk9-3Av39Y it seems he liked the productions of that time so much that he appeared on both ABC News and TV KLAN!

Who will learn a little more than what the eyes saw and heard the ears of Fevzi during that hallucinatory debate, let him follow the 4 minutes attached ...