I kiss that girl's hands! Kujtim Prodan's friend reveals the connection that the singer-songwriter never made public

I kiss that girl's hands! Kujtim Prodan's friend reveals the

Sad was the news of the death of Kujtim Prodani, the singer-songwriter who sang to Tirana and always to love. He died of coronavirus after a battle of several days hospitalized and his secret to the public was revealed by his friends. Memory never made public the fact that she was in a love affair with someone and for that she has always been reserved. On Rudina Magjistari's show, his friends revealed that he was actually with someone he loved dearly, even though they did not reveal his name. 

One of his friends, Alda Bina showed on the show:

"His best friend was a friend, a partner and then became his best critic. Many of us know who she is, her heart is really torn. Be sure that all his memories, the last songs, was what he consulted, she was the man who in the last moments exchanged messages with friends, with friends when he could not speak anymore. He was discreet because he did not want to share his things with others and his important things were his things. It was a natural thing, it was not something she asked for or she asked for. She is such a smart girl and had such a great love for Memory that it did not change Memory. He did not fight to change the Memory to tell… That is, he loved and loved her so much that he did not change her.

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