Missing for 4 days, mother tells the last conversation with her son: Friends cut her off

Missing for 4 days, mother tells the last conversation with her son: Friends cut

Ermal Ngucaj, 40 years old, from Lepenica, Vlora, has lost contact with his family for 4 days.

Fejzo and Mjaftime Ngucaj suspect that their son has been abducted and ask the Vlora police to start the search for their son Ermal Ngucaj.

"The boy does not answer the phone. We sat on thorns, I ask the woman where the boy is and I ask her if you spoke. He tells me that I have been talking since Monday night and I do not know where he is. That day I stayed and in the evening I went to Vlora because he was not at home. 

I went, opened the door was not. I went and asked the police if they had caught him for confusing the streets. Police said we did not arrest him. I came upstairs. The groom told me I would report it. A boy told me that Ermal's car is at the turn that goes to Mavrovo. I went, the car was tidy, his clothes inside. Even the athletes inside. 

I told them not to touch the car, we called the police, who took the car and we do not know what he did. I suspect they kidnapped the boy. I suspect they lied, got him out of the car and damaged him. 

The phone has been locked since Monday night. I want the boy, to find the boy, to introduce the state to check in detail that the boy may have been harmed. "They kidnapped him, took his car and took him there to remove the traces," he said.

Mjaftime Ngucaj shows the last conversation on the phone with the boy and says that he has been waiting for him at the gate for 4 nights. I talked to my son when I was in Italy, I told him "Ermali, how are you, he told me well". I told him on Monday I will come and on Tuesday we will go to Vlora, you will come to pick us up, "okay, I will come, I am looking forward to coming as soon as possible". 

We came to Vlora, we did not have an offer over the phone. When we came from Italy, he said to his father "when will you come to wait impatiently". That day the boy did not speak, he burned something for us, my husband says "Ermali has something", I told him maybe he is asleep. The little maid spoke to us, and said we do not know where she is. We got the bride on the phone, she tells me I tried the phone too. 

The boy had no problem. I stayed in Italy for 7 months. Now for 4 days I have not heard his voice. I love the boy, from his friends who have eaten him in treachery, taken him hostage or injured him. We wait to look out the gate for the only son. I also have a son who died, he is the second one to leave me, I love the boy because he does not do it at home, whatever it is, I can not afford it. "The state is trying, everyone is on the move," she told Abc News.