Strike in Rinas, Peleshi: Controllers will be replaced by Albanians and foreigners

Strike in Rinas, Peleshi: Controllers will be replaced by Albanians and

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi in an interview given in the show "7pa5" has informed the public that Minister Balluku has been authorized by the government to replace the controllers, because the blocking of the activity at Rinas airport poses a threat to national security.

Peleshi said that after the decision taken by the Civil Protection Committee (which includes 3 ministers) it was decided that the replacement of controllers will be done by domestic and foreign controllers if necessary.

"I want to make something known in the media for the first time. The Minister of Defense is also the head of the Civil Defense Committee and I called a meeting of the Civil Defense Committee in the late hours. This Committee, composed of several ministers, has taken a three-point decision.

The first point charges the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy to take the necessary measures to enable the return to work, even by replacing the controllers, whether foreign or domestic; determine the licensing criteria to resume flights as soon as possible and do what is necessary for the gradual resumption of work.

We can not stay in the country, we can not remain hostage to the political game, I will complete my duty as a minister, based on the results of this Committee, Minister Balluku is charged to do everything to resume work. "People have many questions when they will come, when they will leave, vaccines are expected, we have assessed it as a threat to Civil Protection and we have taken this decision," said Minister Peleshi, among others.