670 citizens are fined for the mask. What is the model city

670 citizens are fined for the mask. What is the model city

678 fines of 3000 ALL were imposed within a day for citizens who had not put on the mask, from 17:00 yesterday until the same hour today.

The controls have shown that there are more "disobedient" in the capital, as 135 citizens have been fined in Tirana until 12:00 today.

After Tirana, it was Durrës with 59, Shkodra with 32 and Vlora with 29 citizens who received fines for not wearing the mask.

While the most model city according to reports was Kukes, where only one citizen was fined.

“From 17:00 on 16.10.2020 until 17:00 on 17.10.2020, the Police services, during the checks, have ascertained that most of the citizens had put on protective masks in the evening. During the controls, citizens were found who had not put on their masks and for these cases, the Police services throughout the country have imposed 678 administrative measures with a value of 3,000 ALL each.

The State Police has increased the presence of uniformed police services and Criminal Police officers in the territory, who continue patrols and controls throughout the country, to prevent and crack down on illegality, as well as monitor anti-corruption measures, which prevent the spread. of this virus ", it is said, among other things, in the notification of the police.