What are the difficulties of Italian businesses in Albania and Minister Di Maio's personal connection with Albanians

What are the difficulties of Italian businesses in Albania and Minister Di

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said that 50% of foreign investments in Albania are Italian, but according to him these are not enough. Asked if there are difficulties regarding Italian investments in Albania, he said that work is being done in the fight against corruption, leaving it to be understood as the reason for the lack of these investments.

"For me as a former Minister of Foreign Trade, investments are never enough. But let me say that in Albania 50% of foreign companies are Italian and they employ 90 thousand people. I believe that the great work we are doing together, I refer here to prof. Paola Severino, who through the OSCE chairmanship, is working on measures against corruption and this activity serves to create more and more a climate as favorable for foreign investment in general but also for Italian ones. "The work we are doing together, even in areas that do not seem to have an economic character, actually serve to improve the investment climate, so I turn to young people, but not only that they create new employment opportunities in this country." said Di Maio in an interview with 'Opinion'.

Asked about the progress of the Albanian community in Italy, the Italian minister revealed that one of his supporters to enter politics was an Albanian.

"The Albanian community is best integrated both socially and economically. We are very proud of this community. I can also tell you that when I started politics at university, one of my best voters was an Albanian friend of mine named Alket, a lawyer who had studied at the University "Federico II" in Naples. So a part of my political history is dedicated to him, his support and the whole community of Albanian students studying in Naples. So, during the time I was a student I had Albanian friends who were studying at that time with me and they supported me, then I got acquainted with this movement which I built together with many others ", he says.