Çela to the prosecutors of Korça: Use the news in the media to investigate the crime. And how will those who do the job properly be rewarded

Çela to the prosecutors of Korça: Use the news in the media to

Chief Prosecutor Olsian Çela has reacted harshly to the prosecution in Korça, as according to recent reports, investigations into financial crime have been reduced. Cela called on prosecutors to use any source of information, referring to news or denunciations in the media.

"Media information should not be neglected. You can not have a passive role and only then can you have a quality role. It is imperative that prosecutors have a proactive approach to their work, by initiating investigations based on data obtained from any source, while they should coordinate the investigation with other institutions, also based on the memorandum of cooperation signed between institutions ", said Çela.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining independence in the work of prosecutors, so as not to be influenced by any factor:

"You have to maintain independence from interference with any external factors in your work. If you fulfill your duty faithfully to the law, the guarantees will increase the results and what we lack, the public trust. If we manage to do that, the work The reform did not end with the establishment of the SPAK, nor with the election of the head of the General Prosecutor's Office. will remain indifferent to this process.We think that this process should be based on professional merit.During these months we have carefully monitored the work of each leader in the districts and will send KLP data for each leader."If we fail to select leaders, it would be a failure and an obstacle in achieving the objectives we have."