You have abandoned the task. You embarrassed AlbControll and turned it into a neighborhood store. Balluku makes the final call to the controllers

You have abandoned the task. You embarrassed AlbControll and turned it into a

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, through a press statement stated that the strike of AlbControl is orchestrated by politics and said that all employees who are not performing their duties will face justice.

"39% of operating costs come from the extravagant salary costs of these employees. And do not compare with social administration employees. And they deserve it because they have the lives of people in their hands, until today they decided to place the beam and turn the airspace of the Republic of Albania into private property.

I am not saying that everyone is like that, but a large part of them have been involved in politics and the masters of politics turned the airspace of Albania into loot. Today, those who are on duty are standing inside the office not to consider what is happening as "abandonment of duty", but I want to say this to the controllers: The abandonment of your job has been witnessed by all Albanians. The fact that you are standing in the hallway, or in front of the console does not mean that you work and you will not be justified by this when you go before justice. Your task is to control air traffic and provide services to citizens.

A building of high security, can not stand people who have no function. All those who do not do the work will start being expelled from this moment. ”