Dr. Fico points out the two categories that will be excluded from the Pfizer vaccine, asks if Germany is the exporting country

Dr. Fico points out the two categories that will be excluded from the Pfizer

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people with various allergies, will be excluded from the vaccination. This was said today by the doctor, director of the Institute of Public Health, Albana Fico. In an interview with News 24 she was asked if Germany is the country that has provided the first vaccines arrived in Albania, of the Pfizer company. But like Rama who did not show it, the doctor said that it is a confidentiality agreement:

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It has been said before, there are 975 doses of the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine. As for the debate which is natural, we have the same procedure and we have decided, the Albanian government has brought it and it has been placed before a clause; that of confidentiality. This is the request of the EU state that donated it. It is a practice that does not happen only for Albania. But from what I understand it is practice that has happened and is happening in other countries. On the other hand, both as citizens and as health authorities, we would like to know more. But the prime minister himself said on the first day of the vaccination campaign that; the single clause is requested by the donor country. We have 975 doses.

You are aware of what News24 has previously broadcast. We have secured the exporting country, which is Germany. We know that the vaccines are Pfizer and that they were brought 'by hand'.

First I believe the issue of the vaccine debate is related to its safety. For all of us who have worked so long that knowing the country of origin adds security. I have no tendency to doubt the deeds of our government, it has been our choice to have these people in government. When a confidentiality agreement is required it is difficult to translate it. When cleared, there is a certificate for vaccines. Vaccine entry procedures in Albania have not been violated. Elements are some modalities that I would be unfair to comment on. Let me not comment on that field which is far from what I do.

The doctor said that the vaccines are being stored in the right conditions, at refrigerated temperatures of minus 80 degrees. She guaranteed that the quality of the vaccine is maximum and that all customs procedures and those of refrigerated transport have been observed. Fico also said that another 2000 thousand doses are expected to come, while adding that in these 4 days that the vaccination is being applied, no anomaly has appeared.

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