Dr. Bino points out when the anti-Covid vaccine should be postponed

Dr. Bino points out when the anti-Covid vaccine should be postponed

If you have had contact with a person infected with coronavirus, you should postpone the anti-Covid vaccination date by 14 days. Whereas if you have more than one infected person in the family, you have to wait a month. This was said by the Head of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health, Silva Bino. She urges citizens not to hide any health problems they have had, if asked by doctors at vaccination centers.

Silva Bino:

"Two weeks should pass after contact with infected people, then he should be vaccinated. These are very important questions, there are cases that are asymptomatic and normally should not be vaccinated until the two-week incubation period is over. "When they are within the family and there are several people between them, the incubation period must be passed twice."

With the arrival of four types of vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Coronavax and Sputnik V, in Albania the process of mass vaccination is continuing and it is expected to decrease the bandage to over 65 or 60 years, where priority is given to those with chronic diseases.

Dr. Bino says that all vaccines include this age group: All vaccines are indicated for vaccination of persons over 65 years of age, even with concomitant diseases. It is enough that this is not in the relapse phase. Therefore a kind of anamnesis is obtained. All vaccines protect against serious diseases 100% even against deaths.

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