We will continue unabated until we hand over the last apartment damaged by the earthquake

We will continue unabated until we hand over the last apartment damaged by the

On November 26, the tragic earthquake left homeless the family of Pëllumb Sulë, who with hard work and sweat had built his house in the early '90s in the area of ??Kashar in Tirana. Today this family has entered the new home, rebuilt from scratch thanks to the Reconstruction Program. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, together with the Minister Eduard Shalsi, the candidate of the Socialist Party in the 14th district in the capital, congratulated Pëllumbi for the new house, from where he assured all the other families affected by the earthquake that will soon enter new dwellings.

"Kashari as one of the areas closest to the epicenter of the earthquake has been among the most damaged, especially in the hilly area. The loss of the house for many families is the loss of all their property, but today we are in a happy day as we have a new house for Pëllumb and his wife, two exemplary grandparents, "said Veliaj, adding that the reconstruction process has continued uninterrupted regardless of campaign, summer vacation, or weekends.

"We will continue with the reconstruction to make sure that we close this year with all the finished houses and all the residents returned to better quality, bigger and stronger houses. "May God never allow us to have challenges like this one of the earthquake, but we are working to have much more solid homes and to turn all this tragedy into an opportunity to make things many times better," he continued.

Even Minister Shalsi affirmed that until the reconstruction of the last house no one will stop and will not rest. "Today we are a little calmer when we see that some families are housed in much better quality houses than before. "We will not sleep soundly until the day when we have rebuilt every damaged house, palace, school, kindergarten and nursery through an extraordinary reconstruction program," he said.

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