Covid-19 / Video from inside the most infected area of ​​Europe

Covid-19 / Video from inside the most infected area of ??Europe

Belgium is currently considered the hotspot of the coronavirus in Europe. The Belgian government has warned that there could be a tsunami of cases, with the virus spreading in an uncontrolled manner.

Brussels and Wallonia are the epicenters of this second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many experts in Belgium say Lockdown is already inevitable.

From 5 o'clock in the morning in the testing centers, there is overload, there are citizens who want to get a tampon. 1000 citizens are tested every day in one of the testing centers.

A doctor says that all the patients are being kept with oxygen, otherwise they die: If the situation continues like this, in November it will be impossible to treat them all!

Belgium has 253 thousand cases, 10,539 victims. In the last 24 hours, 9,679 cases and 46 victims were confirmed. 

The BBC has published a video showing the current situation.