Prison for Shefqet Ndroqi sanitary, lawyer: He was more Covid, not in good psychological condition

Prison for Shefqet Ndroqi sanitary, lawyer: He was more Covid, not in good

The lawyer of the sanitary Tire Alldervishi, 58 years old, who is accused of fraud after the scandal in the Shefqet Ndroqi hospital, has asked for a lighter security measure with a 1-month term, but the court imposed the measure of Arrest with Prison. In the court session held today where the sanitary was acquainted with the charges and the security measure, the lawyer said that the 58-year-old is not in a good psychological condition and has also been affected by Covid. While warning of evidence giving another picture of the event, adding that wiretapping is illegal.


'The event is serious for public opinion. We will request a full investigation. Protected by us is in poor psychological condition. She has been affected by COVID and her health condition is not good. We demand a lighter measure with a 1-month term. "We will bring evidence that gives another picture."

While the sanitary woman herself remained crouched in the session without giving explanations. Tire Alldervishi, 58 years old, is accused of cheating by being removed as a hospital nurse, Shefqet Ndroqi, to the daughter of a patient hospitalized with Covid in the hospital. She stayed in the hospital for about 25 days, and after she passed away, her daughter made the denunciation on the show Klan on Stop. The daughter of the deceased patient kept the conversations where the nurse asked her for money to stay next to the 30-year-old mother, while in the conversations it is read that she distributed the money to others in the hospital, but this remains unclear and unverified. According to the girl, the amount given is 8 million ALL.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health immediately after the publication of the scandal announced her dismissal. Even from the hospital Shefqet Ndroqi there was a reaction which emphasized the distancing from these acts, which can not tarnish the work of doctors. 

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