Brataj: Restrictions will eventually be lifted when we reach Herd Immunity. We will endure for several months

Brataj: Restrictions will eventually be lifted when we reach Herd Immunity. We

Restrictive measures in Albania can be finally lifted only when Herd Immunity is achieved, or immunity of the mass to coronavirus. This was said by the head of the National Emergency Skënder Brataj. He explained that mass immunity should reach 60-70%. Meanwhile, according to the Academy of Sciences, which refers to data from health institutions, 600 thousand Albanians have passed the coronavirus.

In the interview for Report, Brataj said:

Eventually the restriction will be removed only when the immunization of the herd is done, ie 60-70%. You have to be very careful. Adolescence takes the family by the neck. We are looking at the situation in Korça that was typical of Tirana gathering at the end of the year holidays and we will see it at the end of January. Universities should not be opened either. Wearing a mask definitely gives its effect as we are not getting the flu yet. The end of the pandemic is not related to our country but to the whole world. The vaccine is indeed the last start of the pandemic but how it started. We will endure a few more months.

As for the vaccine that has arrived in Albania, Skënder Brataj said that this is a great achievement for the country (Albania) that no one expected so soon.

'Who expected vaccination to start yesterday. I think the number for Albania will be met. COVAX is also moving forward. We guaranteed 500 thousand doses outside of this agreement. There are other Government agreements with other states. Plus we have other vaccine manufacturers that are in the final stages. The vaccine is advisable even for those who have passed it, will do it without any hesitation. But there is a priority list. When it's our turn we will do it too. This is not the first time humanity has been vaccinated. This vaccine came as a result of several reasons that led to the first production. First such a pandemic has not been seen by the world for a long time. The vaccination plan is clear. First health personnel for three reasons: as it is more vulnerable, it is a source of infection and creates problems with hospital management. 

Side effects are normal, as in all other vaccines, said the head of the National Emergency.

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