He compares the blockade for Rinas to a coup: The president to take a stand

He compares the blockade for Rinas to a coup: The president to take a stand

Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku calls the blocking of air traffic at Rinas Airport a coup, as the controllers want to have the salaries they had. The Minister said that the state can not intervene, it is calling on President Meta to take a public stance on this situation. While he also stopped at Berisha's posts.

Belinda Balluku:

You have been following for days that there has been great political support and interest in the issue. I followed Sali Berisha who has great excitement to say how the only airport of Albanians will be closed, how no person will fly, how everything will be blocked in the Republic, to be honest I understand, because all this is a genuine political organization in a campaign moment. Today the vaccines that would come to continue the process cannot come. Today at the Airport, to blacken the face of Albania, everything else has happened, the whole population is being affected, which according to the article of the laws should not happen. Today, someone who has been operated on cannot return home because the controllers are upset that their salary is today only over 2000 dollars from over 4 thousand dollars before the pandemics. Today someone who has lost his life can not be buried here because he does not want Sali Berisha who has used a harsh extremist language always rejoicing in the problems that this country faces. In the meantime, I would like to ask the president, who also met with the auditors and asked for information on AlbControl, to speak publicly today about this situation: Can the state compensate the air traffic controllers when there has never been financial involvement on these companies? The president has all the data. I would like to know from Mr. Meta if he thinks that the traffic in the Republic should be blocked and vaccines should not come here, no one should move, neither those who cut the ticket, nor the dead for the buried, should the country be taken hostage because this is coup.

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