Berisha and Meta want to overthrow the state, but have found the wrong prime minister

Berisha and Meta want to overthrow the state, but have found the wrong prime

Rama does not give up, he has called on the controllers to return to work. Comparing his government with the earthquake and the pandemic that they failed to overthrow, he addresses Berisha and Meta saying that they want to overthrow the government but have found the wrong prime minister.

Edi Rama:

An unimaginable act took place, the activities of the "Mother Teresa" airport were instigated, instigated by Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta Berisha came out openly launching this act, and Ilir Meta threw the stone. A stone called 'peel'. It is not symbolic but it is real. After he hid his hand, and he left it to himself unintentionally, to be understood to be a part. As there are Albanians who do not understand once and for all how and why Sali Berisha and Meta are in this act, direct instigators in the continuation to overthrow our government at any cost, and the state if there was a need to endanger the government. They thought of killing some birds with some stones to block and vaccines. Some vaccines have to come today, and that will not be possible. They found the wrong prime minister for such extreme acts and exploited a group of hotheads at the checkpoints and included others. I urge others to return to work an hour in advance. It is inconceivable that to seek to receive a salary, which they have received for a long time, which has nothing to do with the state budget, but which has decreased as a result of the pandemic, which has hit the air sector. They currently have 2 thousand dollars. They refuse to work for that, because they want to have a full salary, as if nothing happened here. This is not possible. Neither the government nor the state budget can solve this. They made the wrong calculations. And very soon we will regain control of the situation. Their plan to block the airport, maybe until the election, their plan will fail. Remember them. You do not forget them here. Do not forget, neither you Albanians. The blockade of the airport at the moment, blocks the arrival of vaccines, the repatriation of those who in these conditions need to return, whether for health reasons, or someone who has lost his life abroad. These are not all socialists; they are socialists, democrats, with different convictions and they are hit equally, in the name of that envious, ominous policy for the economy and the future of this people. "

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