Bee Kids, a video with moms and babies for March 8th

Bee Kids, a video with moms and babies for March 8th

On International Mother, Grandmother, Daughter and Wife Day, ‘Bee Kid’s has found an innovative way to convey kind messages. In the video posted through Zoom, Bee Kids gives voice to new mothers, girls and women who talk about the difficulties but also the strength to move forward. And a message from the staff of Bee Kids, for you who have just graduated and are in the career steps, or you who have just become a mother and you are waiting for a mountain of unknowns but also with new emotions.

Bee has a message for You!

You, who are a young girl and the possibilities in life are endless.
You, who are a newly graduated woman and are one of the first steps of your career.
You, who just became a young mother and a mountain of unknowns awaits you but also with new emotions.
You, who are becoming a mother for the second time, who took her hand with the first, still and the second wants the right commitment.
You, our dear grandmother, who only gives love and you have so many stories to tell.
Bee, I love YOU!
Happy March 8, International Women's Day!

Bee Kids is one of the most famous chain stores in Tirana, with quality and innovative products as well as clothing for children. You can also order online in any Albanian city and abroad, from home, one computer is enough money! The physical store can be found at the Brigada VIII Street Store, Block.

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