Lawyer of the three arrested controllers: The accusation does not stand legally! There is no risk of escape because the planes do not work

Lawyer of the three arrested controllers: The accusation does not stand legally!

The lawyer of AlbControl controllers, who were held in the Local Police of Tirana after the interrogation, Rezart Kthupi, in a press statement stated that the accusation of the Prosecution has no legal basis.

Kupthi said that the accusation of "Abuse of Duty" can be applied only to public sector employees and not to those of a private joint stock company, as is the case with AlbControl. Kupthi also added that the measure of arrest in prison is excessive, because the persons in question do not pose a risk of escape, adding perhaps with humor that "even the planes do not work".

“The procedures for notifying the detention order of 3 controllers have just ended; Armando Fezga, Flora Ndreca, Muhni Mezini, who are accused by the prosecution of 'Abuse of duty'. We have been given a copy of the minutes. This is in terms of the informative part. Mr. Fevzo has just passed COVID and is not in good condition to face detention within 48 hours. I consider that the accusation is an accusation that cannot be brought against an employee of a joint-stock company, but against an employee who works in a state institution. That I know what it is so decided. All detainees have objected to the minutes, on the grounds that what is written in the minutes is a misrepresentation and misinterpretation of those WhatsApp messages.

These are communications in a group chat, which are considered as evidence by the prosecution. It is true that Albcontrol is a self-financing company, but it is a company owned by MEI. And this ministry had the opportunity to make financing through loans. Just as he borrowed for investment, he could do so for wages.

None of the controllers wanted to leave, it is a claim as there is no evidence that can be proven. Those controllers have all been here. And what will they leave with ?! That the planes do not work. " - said among others Kupthi.