The reason why the realtor at the University of Korça escaped the cell until the end of the investigation

The reason why the realtor at the University of Korça escaped the cell
Lecturer Alket Dino and realtor Xhevi Dervishi

The court issued a 'house arrest' for Xhevi Dervishi, the person who served as a realtor by mediating students with professors at the Universities of Korça.

He escaped from the cell after declaring that he had problems with his health. Xhevi Dervishi is reported to have presented the facts and reasons why he should remain under house arrest until the end of the investigation, while his health condition and the facts that have been taken to court, have led Xhevi Dervishi to take the security measure of house arrest.

Meanwhile, the professor of 'Fan Noli' University, Alket Dino, continues to be in prison, while he is accused of taking money from students in exchange for a passing grade.

The incident happened on September 23, when the police, after a 1-month investigation, arrested the professor of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Alket Dino, together with the realtor and his friend, Xhevi Dervishi, on corruption charges, after collaborating with one the other was taken from the students to give them the exams.

The police informed after the arrest that the two accused had been caught near the Faculty with an amount of 300 euros and 50,000 ALL, which from the investigations carried out are suspected to have illegally benefited from the students.