March 8 / Veliaj from the rebuilt house in Farka: Women support good jobs. Commentary on opposition candidates

March 8 / Veliaj from the rebuilt house in Farka: Women support good jobs.

On Women's Day, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj visited the new house, rebuilt after the earthquake, a lady head of the family in Farka, Miranda Shelqizi, whom she wished March 8, but also gave an important message to all ladies Albanian.

Veliaj said that the woman is the one who keeps the house and leaves no unfinished work. "Even the polls show that we win in all categories, but in women we are over 65%. Why? Because they support work more, they always tend to look ahead, to the good. "In most of the houses I visited for the earthquake, it was the woman who carried and carried the beam of the house," he said.

March 8 / Veliaj from the rebuilt house in Farka: Women support good jobs.

Veliaj said that women are more encouraging and support good and beautiful works. "I remember the story of the toy corner at the Lake: the men were fighting, and the women were saying, 'Wait, let them do it once, let them tell us, and if it's useful for the children, let them we urge them to do even more '. "I have always encountered, from the first day of work until today, that women have more confidence, they support the beautiful faster, the good the right", he recalled.

"Others, who are asleep, will not be able to do anything", - continued Veliaj, - adding that the Socialist Party is bringing change in the lists of candidates for MPs, including more women, who have contributed to the difficult moments our country has faced.

"There will be two ladies on our list, while Sali Berisha is still on their list. Professors Luljeta Bozo and Saliu are the same age, but different is a professor, who has brought only good by saving lives, and different professor-doctor who blew up Gerdec and killed with bullets in the flesh, dividing the Albanians. The second woman we have on the list is this year's heroine, Najada Çomo, the number one of the most difficult pavilion, which opened first for the pandemic and will probably close last, now that vaccination has begun. To compare Dr. Najada with Dr. Flamur Noka is to laugh and cry. If their list is Professor Saliu and Dr. Mul Noka, our list is Professor Luljeta and Dr. Najada. The difference is extraordinary " , concluded Veliaj.

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