257 infected yesterday! The epidemiologist tells what awaits us. Will it be the last winter of cohabitation with Covid?

257 infected yesterday! The epidemiologist tells what awaits us. Will it be the

Epidemiologist Artan Simaku says that the increase in the number of infected, which yesterday set a new record, with 257 cases was expected and anticipated, due to the opening of schools and increased contacts from businesses and activities.

 "We are in an expected situation, which before the opening of the schools was foreseen, not only here that there will be an increase in the number of cases, due to the increase of contacts. There is an increase in cases. this was expected with the opening of schools ".

The epidemiologist does not predict a second closure with the current pandemic situation. He says the criterion that would impose a second isolation is whether the capacity in hospitals is exceeded, which is currently at 50%. In the scenarios of aggravation of the situation is the opening of two more hospitals and the regional ones.

 "In recent days, the number of hospitalized people has increased. The evaluation criterion is the number of persons in need of hospitalization. Two Covid hospitals have also been set up. In addition, regional hospitals have been notified of the potential to provide their services. Medical staff have also been trained. There is a preparation for a more aggravated situation. Since the beginning of the pandemic it has assessed the situation and taken its decisions independently. We take measures according to the assessment of the situation with us. Austerity measures have begun in many European countries. We are not talking about austerity measures at the current stage. The austerity measures will begin when hospital capacity is exhausted. We are currently at 50% capacity and there are no austerity measures in this situation. It is emphasized that the criterion for initiating coercive measures, Assessment capacities are hospital capacity to cope with the disease. "If the hospital can no longer cope, this is a criterion."

But what awaits us in the coming months? The epidemiologist says that the aggravated situation with the coronavirus and the flu virus can last until May. He stressed the importance of the flu vaccine and that by the end of winter we will have to coexist with the virus.

 "The flu season is the end of November and March. We will also have co-circulation with the coronavirus. This will lead to a more aggravated situation. This aggravated situation will be until March. The coronavirus is a new virus and we do not know how it will behave. By the end of winter we will coexist with the coronavirus. "There is a vaccine for the flu from the vaccination of the entire population, but more for the risk groups it will ease the burden of the disease."